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          Q1. What material is your fan clutch made of?

          Our fan clutch is made of aluminum alloy.

          Q2. What is the guarantee for your fan clutches?

          One year or 20,000km, see which one will happen first. Furthermore, we are very dedicated to total customer satisfaction. So, if you have any problems with our water pumps, fan clutches or other products, we are fully responsible for them for sure.
          Q3. What is your range of fan clutch?

          We have fan clutches for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks/buses. For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, we can offer for American models, European models, Japanese models and Korean models. For trucks/buses, we can offer for European models.
          Q4. Do you have the minimum order request for fan clutch?

          Yes, we have. The minimum order quantity of each item is 100pcs. Besides, we also request a minimum total amount of USD10,000 for each shipment. If you cannot fulfill this request, you need to pay for an extra handling charge.
          Q5. Can you develop new fan clutches for me?

          Sure, we can do that for you. But, you have to provide sample for us and you must have the order of at least 500pcs for this fan clutch. You don't need to pay for the tooling.
          Q6. What is the lead-time of developing new fan clutch?

          The pre-production sample for your confirmation can be ready in the period of 60~90 days.
          Q7. Can we request the performance test report?

          Yes, we can provide it in our format.
          Q8. Can we designate some performance parameters like engaged temperature?

          Yes, we can tune the performance of a fan clutch by your request.
          Q9. What is your request for printing our own No. or Logo on the casting of fan clutch?

          We use Laser Printing machine. For each item, the order quantity must be at least 200pcs.
          Q10. Do you produce Electronic type fan clutch?

          Sorry, we don't have it now, but we are willing to develop it for you if the demand is considerable.
          Q11. What type of thermal sensor do you use for your fan clutch?

          We use bi-metal thermal sensor. Besides, we can offer non-thermal sensor type fan clutch as well.