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          • TEL : +886-2-27237317
          • TEL : +86-21-57609715
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          Factory Profile

          • Established : 2003
          • Capital: US$5.4million
          • Employees: 180
          • Space: 22,712 sq. m.
          • Location Shanghai, China

          Shanghai OEM Auto Part Manufactory is a joint venture auto parts manufacturer between Eastern Industries Co. (USA) and Spring Come Industrial Co., Ltd.? We provide high-quality water pumps and fan clutches on the global market at competitive prices.? Our products have been a success on the U.S. market and we are expanding sales operation worldwide.

          We are the proud holder of the latest TS16949 quality certificate and have been accepted by a number of car and truck markers throughout the world as the official parts supplier. The casting and tooling of our aluminum car parts large or small are done on-site because we want the best quality control.

          To further ensure product quality, we have added more equipment to our factory, for example:

          1. 11units of Haas MC which can reduce the defective rate of casting below 2%.

          2. The electric rolling furnace, we use to melt aluminum blocks makes sure that the purity of the melted aluminum reaches the optimum lever.
          3. Positive pressure testing equipment.

          HASS Machining Centres

          HASS Machining Centres

          Positive Pressure Testing Equipment

          Positive Pressure Testing Equipment